Last night, the Young Professionals Network was out in full force for the program year’s kickoff at The Palm.  Independence Blue Cross CEO and Chamber Board Chairman Joe Frick spoke to the crowd.  After the jump, YPN Board Members Tina Greco from Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust and Sarah Talasnik from AHM Direct describe the night.

Tina: Being in the same room with Joe Frick, CEO of Independence Blue Cross, at last night’s YPN Event at The Palm, I felt inspired by his career story and how he went from being the maestro as the “#2 guy” in the HR Department to leading a company with nearly 9,500 employees.  It just goes to show you that there is something to be said for longevity with one company, which is often overlooked these days.  He spoke of the importance of a “work-life balance” and how an individual’s approach to achieving it is just that – individual.  No two personal and professional combinations are the same, and it is up to us to manage the dynamic to maintain happiness and impact.  He also spoke of the difference between “personal power” and “position power”, and that we should strive for “personal power” as we develop our leadership skills for the future.

Sarah: As a member of the volunteer committee it was awesome to hear Joe Frick’s commitment to the community and how we, as young professionals, can give back to the city of Philadelphia.  His initiatives with Philadelphia youth align with ours in our support of McClure Elementary.  It reinforces my desire to stay active in the community and contribute to the future of Philadelphiain any way that I can.  I am proud of the YPN volunteer committee’s commitment to that and I am very excited to be a part of it with the YPN team for Philadelphia Cares Day on October 20th.

And from both: We think we speak on behalf of all YPN members (and those considering membership), when we say that to have had that time in a room with a high level executive from the Philadelphia business community like that, only further motivates our interest in the future of our region and what role we can play in continuing its successful path.  We look forward to hearing from Brian Tierney at the Oct. 16th event…

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