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Submitted by Tine Greco, PREIT

This year’s YPN Success in the City event brought a room full of aspiring young professionals together to hear about the winning careers of three very reputable panelists who have had an impact on Philadelphia, including Judy Spires, President of Acme Markets, Wes Wyatt, Chairman and CEO of Cintron Beverage Group, Vai Sikahema, Anchorman/Sports Director for NBC 10 News, as well as our favorite moderator, Lori Wilson, Anchor/Reporter and Co-hot of “10!” for NBC 10 News.  All of the speakers had the common thread of Philadelphia playing a role in their professional and personal success, and it all came back to the relationships and the people of the Philadelphia region that contributed in some way.   

Being in a location like The Pyramid Club with its majestic views, myself, and the peers I talked to, couldn’t help but feel a sense of empowerment and motivation.  We were encouraged by the speakers to keep family and social values among our priorities, to learn from every experience (no matter how frustrating or difficult) and take that with us as we figure out our way to where and who we want to be.  Despite the rainy weather, it was a great event to have attended and I look forward to continuing to be inspired by their careers – whether you are an entrepreneur, an athlete or a female climbing a corporate ladder, there is success to be had in Philadelphia…

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