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Submitted by Mai-Linh Hoang, DAL Inc.

YPN hosted Dr. Arlene Ackerman, Superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, on Monday, June 1 at Ralph’s Cafe on the 43rd and 44th floors of the Comcast Center. Dr. Ackerman spoke of her strong belief of her school district and how the public school system has given opportunities to those less fortunate, of which she is also a living witness of what public schools can do for young people. The largest movement for the district is the implementation of Imagine 2014, which focuses on accomplishing these goals: student success, quality choices, great staff, accountable adults, and world-class operations. She looks to improve upon the 47% drop out rate before the 12th grade; the 49% of African American males dropping out of high school; and the 59% of Hispanic males dropping out of high school.

We, as young professionals, have a unique opportunity to make a difference for our school district. Dr. Ackerman stated, “One adult in the life of child will get them through school”. That “one adult” can be you.

The first step in helping the children in our school district is to sign up for YPN’s volunteer event on June 5th at McClure Elementary to celebrate their “Spring Fling”. The next YPN networking event will be on July 23rd at XIX in the Bellevue Building.

Click here to view photos from the event.