Here is YPN’s response to an article in Sunday’s Inquirer titled “Recession a roadblock for young careers.”

Dear Editor,

This is a challenging time for every business and resident in Greater Philadelphia, particularly young workers, as Sunday’s “Recession a roadblock for young careers” points out.

That’s why it is no surprise that membership in the Young Professionals Network (YPN) of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce has increased over the past year as young people from a variety of backgrounds and industries have recognized the importance of building relationships with their peers.

Monthly YPN social events provide ambitious young workers with a place to network and exchange ideas. Our development workshops help them build the skill set necessary to advance and transition their careers. Volunteer opportunities encourage them to invest in the community.

We believe Greater Philadelphia is a dynamic place for young professionals to live and work. The area has a rich entrepreneurial spirit fueled by an extensive higher education network, a vibrant arts and cultural community, and occupies a premier location in the heart of the eastern seaboard.

Young professionals are the key to our region’s economic future. In fact, half of Pennsylvania’s new businesses will be created by people in their 20’s. They need support to achieve their goals. YPN provides a network of support – and also seeds the future strength of the Greater Philadelphia economy.

Christopher Parker
Vice Chair, Young Professionals Network
Store Manager and Assistant Vice President, TD Bank