Submitted by: Derek Wood, Tactix Real Estate

Surrounded by the amazing architecture and interiors of a historic building, the awe inspiring cathedral ceiling in the main lobby, and with the new YPN website beaming on a wall covered in HD plasma screens, YPN members reunited after our August break and made this an event to remember. The stately rooms of the incredible center city Star Group building were filled with conversation and laughter, proving once again that being a part of YPN is something special.

Taking the baton from the enthusiastic leadership of Kevin Cafferky, our new Board Chair, Stephanie Gambone, took off running and infused an energy and excitement into the night. New YPN members peppered the crowd of familiar faces as Stephanie introduced our guest speaker. As the first speaker to take part in our new interview format, Tom Foley, President and CEO of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the American (SEPA) Red Cross (, responded to questions and colored his remarks with heartwarming stories. Tom let us into his life a bit in describing some of the events that led him to his current station at the Red Cross; he gave our members an insight to the Red Cross that few had coming into the night; and he talked passionately about the importance of “community” and what it means to be able to lift up others that find themselves in a time of personal crisis.

Tom closed his remarks by thanking our host for the evening, the Star Group, which, in addition to serving the SEPA Red Cross as a client, has supported the SEPA Red Cross through their immeasurable support as friends, volunteers and members of the “community”.

This incredible event would not have been possible without our sponsors, and YPN extends its gratitude to…

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