Submitted by Allison Wright

On Friday, June 11, 2010, volunteers from YPN celebrated with McClure Elementary School students at the fourth annual Spring Fling to recognize students with perfect attendance this school year. Students enjoyed different activity stations including dancing, balloon toss, sponge races, relay races, the human knot, chalk drawings, and face painting. The students were able to spend time at each activity station, but when the whistle was blown the groups of students quickly ran in-sync with one another to the next activity station. 

During the Spring Fling activities, I had the opportunity to help run the balloon toss station with two other YPN volunteers. Even though the McClure students spent time at each activity station, there were some students who repeatedly visited the balloon station because they enjoyed throwing the water balloons and seeing whether or not they could be the next balloon toss winner.

After the final whistle was blown, the kids ran to the tables behind the DJ stand to get a glass of soda and a slice of pizza. During the lunch the kids were able to socialize with their friends and spend time with the YPN volunteers. After lunch was over, YPN held a small awards ceremony to recognize the students for their perfect attendance records. After each student’s name was called, they received a certificate with their name on it and a goodie bag. As the students were called to the front of the group to receive their award, YPN volunteers stood in two lines to cheer them on and to congratulate them on their achievement. At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, some of the students quickly ran up to the YPN volunteers to thank them for the fun-filled afternoon and to let the volunteers know that they will be missed, since these students will be entering the fifth grade next year and will not see YPN volunteers again. To the students moving on, we wish you the best of luck and know you’ll continue to study hard!

View photos from the event.