Submitted by: Lauren Hirshon, Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board

No, not you.  I’ve already heard a little bit about that.  But, since I’m into the workforce stuff, I was kind of curious about what UPS does for its employees.  Apparently, even part-time employees at UPS get higher-education benefits of $3,000 a year, starting on day one.  And, full-time workers can spend $5,200 a year on classes.  Not too shabby, right?  And frankly, it’s a wise investment for individuals (on average, Philadelphians with a Bachelor’s degree earn 60% more than their non-degreed colleagues) and for our community (increasing education levels close to those of the state would raise the city’s potential tax base by $1.8 billion)

Given UPS’s commitment to education and the community, it seems pretty fitting that Rosemary Turner is the featured speaker for this week’s YPN event, which will highlight volunteerism, particularly YPN’s efforts at McClure Elementary School.  Education seems to be the connection.  And, it’s heartening to see that we have companies in the region that see that connection and are still willing to make that investment. 

Lauren Hirshon is a Senior Associate of Strategy and Innovation at the Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board (WIB), a nonprofit organization that provides expertise in all facets of workforce development, and works to align the skills of the labor force to meet the needs of industry.