That’s right! Four murals and a special garden, all created by fantastic volunteers at McClure Elementary for Philly Cares Day last Saturday, Oct. 16. YPN would like to thank The Sherwin Williams Company for their donation of supplies and is super proud to announce that we had over 80 volunteers made up of teachers, parents, students, and of course, our very own YPN members!

As you walk into McClure you will see that the volunteers painted a beautiful mural on the first floor. We must give a HUGE thanks to Ms. Russo, the art teacher, who sketched the entire mural, and to two YPN volunteers, Mike and Ethan, who stayed until after 3pm (when it ended at 2pm) to put the finishing touches on the mural. They were super dedicated and YPN thanks them so MUCH! Be sure to check out our pictures of this great mural!

Then, further down the hall and to the left is the cafeteria. You will notice that our volunteers painted a special creed for McClure in English and Spanish. It was our very own YPN volunteers who decided to get the kids involved by leaving their hand prints on the wall. It was such a hit that even YPN’ers left their hand prints too! Check out those pics!

Next, volunteer’s painted the stairwell mural with a beautiful garden scene with grass, flowers, sun, and grasshoppers. This was actually a continuation from last year’s mural. We have now completed the 2nd floor stairwell. Another shout out goes to Ms. Russo, who once again sketched out this entire piece!

Our last mural was the McClure name painted on one of the walls in the Gym. Check out our YPN group photo that displays this piece of work.

Lastly, and most special, is Mrs. Elaine Diaz’s garden. McClure lost Mrs. Diaz, a very special teacher, this past summer, and the entire school wanted to honor her for the wonderful teacher, wife, and daughter that she was. This garden was made from scratch with the help of YPN and McClure volunteers. Please take a look at our pictures of this very special garden. You will see Mrs. Diaz’s family, the volunteers that made this happen, and of course the memory and spirit of a dedicated and inspirational teacher.

Thank you to everyone who came out to this special volunteer event. You not only made the school beautiful, but you honored a very special person to McClure.