Submitted by: Lauren Hirshon

I wasn’t able to finagle tickets to the game, but I had a memorable night celebrating with over 100 other young professionals at Yards Brewing Company. Instead of eating a Schmitter, I enjoyed fresh mozzarella, bruschetta, prosciutto, spinach dip, and all kinds of delicious cheeses from DiBruno Brothers (yum!). In place of an $8 Bud Light from the ballpark, I sampled an assortment of different beers made on-site by Yards. And, if you haven’t already tried it, I highly recommend checking out the Love Stout. I…wait for it ….LOVE it!

In addition to the food, drinks, and great networking and conversations that are a staple at YPN events, we all got to hear from Tom Kehoe, the founder and president of Yards. Tom spoke about how his brewery came to be winner of the Chamber’s “Green Business of the Year” award, and disclosed that his environmentally-conscious employees played a significant role in creating the impetus for Yards’ green initiative. He shared his insight on how the industry has changed since he began his career in college washing kegs and working in the bottling line at the British Brewing Company. In response to a question posed by an audience member, he noted that the market in Philadelphia differs from that of New York, and other major areas, because of Philadelphians’ discernable palate (thanks Tom, we do have good taste!). And, he even told us his favorite beer (I’ll let him tell you that himself, when you head over to Yards for one of their free Saturday tours).

So, although the Phillies game was certainly a highlight, it was just one gem in a delightful night celebrating a few of the businesses that make our city great.