Wilbur Briones

Name: Wilbur Briones

Company and Website: The North Highland Company (http://www.northhighland.com/)

Position: Manger

Wilbur Briones is a native of Mt. Laurel, NJ and a graduate of both Carnegie Mellon University, where he received his Master’s in Business Administration and Bucknell University, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.   Since April he has been working as a Manager at the North Highland Company where he is responsible for a wide range of consulting assignments covering the development and implementation of business strategies in the healthcare, health information technology, and life sciences industries.

Q: Could you tell me a little bit about your company and what you’re working on now? 

A: North Highland is a global management consulting firm.   We help business, government and non-profit clients define strategies, streamline operations, empower people, leverage technology and maximize customer interaction.  Our model is unique in that we hire only experienced consultants, we live and work where our clients do, and we guarantee our work.

I recently helped develop the State Medicaid Health Information Technology Plan (SMHP) for New Jersey.  Once approved by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the SMHP will allow New Jersey Medicaid to implement an incentive program that will ultimately lead to the distribution of an estimated $200+ million in incentive payments for healthcare providers in the state who adopt and demonstrate “meaningful use” of healthcare information technology.

Q: What’s the most interesting or best part of your job?

A:  The best part of my job is that it’s really dynamic.  In consulting, I get to take on different roles as I move to different client sites and work on different projects.  It can definitely be a challenge constantly learning new industries and taking on new responsibilities, but I find the work fun and really rewarding. 

Q: What do you think living in the Philadelphia region offers young professionals?

A: I think Philadelphia offers everything a young professional is looking for.  Many industries have a strong presence in the area which provides numerous opportunities for career growth.  Plus, the city has a rich and diverse cultural history, a passionate sports scene, and lively restaurants.  What could be better!

Q: How long have you been a member of YPN?  What motivated you to join?

A:  I have been consulting for a long time, and most of my career required extensive travel to clients outside of Philadelphia.  I joined YPN last summer because with North Highland and our local model, I finally get to work for and develop relationships with people and clients in my own community. 

Q: What has been your favorite YPN event?

A: My favorite YPN event so far has been the networking event at R2L.  Not only was it a really cool venue, but I got a chance to meet Mark Gale from the Philadelphia Airport.  It was a great opportunity to meet a CEO which I certainly don’t get to do every day, plus meet many other YPN members.  I’m looking forward to many more exciting YPN events soon!

Interviewed by: Lauren Hirshon, University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government