The Thursday, February 10 networking event at WHYY had all of the signature characteristics that we have come to expect from a YPN event.  The Lincoln Financial Digital Education Studio at the Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons served as a great backdrop for the event, offering a large space conducive for networking.

For me, the highlight of the night was the guest speaker Mike Carbone, from TD Bank.  Despite the fact that he was up on a stage in front of the group, Mike related well to us.  With frequent references to the Flyers and Eagles, Mike was able to make it feel like he was just one of your buddies giving you advice over a beer.  

YPN chair Chris Parker set a light-hearted tone for the program with some fun facts about how many lollipops and dog biscuits TD Bank gives away to their customers (and their customers’ dogs) annually.   During his time (which he was trying to finish before the drop of the puck at the Flyers game), Mike talked about volunteering and giving back.  He stressed the importance of finding a company to work for that placed a high value on their employees getting out into the community.  He said that it would be beneficial not only for the community, but for a company as well, since having employees out representing a company in public adds a great deal of public relations value.   This message was especially important to me as an employee for a nonprofit that frequently benefits from corporate volunteerism.   Mike ended his talk fielding some questions from the crowd, including “Who holds the all-time record for goals for the Philadelphia Flyers?” and “What do you think about the dispute between the NFL players union and the owners?”  Once again, Mike showed how much of a Philadelphian he is with his expert responses to each of these questions.

All in all, the YPN event at WHYY was a great success that I’m sure was enjoyed by all in attendance.  I am looking forward to the next event at Girard College on March 10.  See you all there.

Written by: Joe Boxman, Philadelphia Academies – Joe Boxman is a Site Facilitator at Philadelphia Academies, Inc., with a mission to expand life and economic options for Philadelphia public school students through career-focused programming that prepares young people for employment and post-secondary education.  Boxman is a YPN Marketing/PR Committee member.