On a rainy evening, YPN showed up in great force at Girard College to hear Mrs. Autumn Adkins Graves, 16th President of Girard College, speak about the history of the school as well as the future of Girard College.  We heard Mrs. Graves speak in the beautiful and historic Founder’s Hall, which was the original classroom building on the campus.

Mrs. Graves is quite an accomplished woman herself, being named in O Magazine’s “Woman to Watch for this Decade” in May 2010, as well as being recognized by Philadelphia City Council as one of “The Next Generation of Leaders: Rising Stars.”

Founder Stephen Girard was a true visionary, scripting and imagining the future of Girard College down to the very last detail.  He was also an astute business man.  Despite his wealth, he was hands-on in shipping, farming and banking, and truly devoted himself to the workplace.  Now, Girard College is a private boarding school for students, grades one through twelve, coming from families with limited financial resources.  All students receive a full scholarship and live on Girard’s enclosed campus.

Mrs. Graves emphasized the need for young professionals like us to be role models and help mentor kids in every kind of academic setting.  Every child has the ability to perform well and become a great asset to society; all they need is a little guidance and a push in the right direction.