YPN welcomed Tim McDermott, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Philadelphia Eagles, aboard the Philadelphia Belle on Tuesday for an evening of networking.  Mr. McDermott spoke of his healthy career with various other teams such as the Washington Capitals and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  A true Philadelphian at heart, though, Mr. McDermott found his way back to Philadelphia almost a year and a half ago to head the marketing department in this great sports-fueled and passionate city.  And of course, what weighed most on the attendees’ minds was the upcoming football season.  With so much uncertainty looming, what is certain is that the fans are as passionate as ever. With a season ticket waiting list so long, we YPNers might get senior citizen discounts before we ever reach the top of the waiting list!

What the Eagles have is definite brand strength: the Philadelphia Eagles reach beyond our country and the waters and are indeed an international brand.  As we all advance in our careers and perhaps relocate to other regions, we know that a true Eagles fan will stay an Eagles fan and will follow the team from another city, state or even country.  It’s amazing to see how the Eagles brand has continued to dominate over so many others.

Mr. McDermott also touched on the things the Eagles are doing outside of football, such as greening initiatives and community service.  From the Eagles Youth Partnership to the players giving their time to volunteer, the Eagles have instilled the importance of being in the community and recognizing those who deserve it the most.  In addition, the home of the Eagles, Lincoln Financial Field, will undergo a facelift to promote green energy with solar panels and wind turbines, with a result of being able to power the stadium themselves, as well as feed electricity back into the grid.

A special thanks to the Philadelphia Belle for hosting us and for providing great food, drink and music!  Be sure to check out their brunch, lunch and dinner cruises at www.PhiladelphiaBelle.com.

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Submitted by Mai-Linh Hoang, Marketing Communications Specialist at Citadel