Submitted by: Joe Boxman

On June 14, YPN members gathered in the DiBona Room at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce for a professional development panel discussion on “The Next Level: Ways to Advance your Career.”  On the panel, which was moderated by Danielle Cohn, Vice President, Marketing and Communication, Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, were Bill Borkovitz, Principal at Kaplan and Associates, Inc.; Adele Foley, Associate Dean, Director, Graduate Business Programs at Erivan K. Haub School of Business, Saint Joseph’s University; and  Joann Halle, Vice President, Xerox Learning and Development for North America.  The discussion centered on the panelists’ experiences in taking steps in their career and the mistakes they have made and lessons they have learned. In addition, the panelists offered attendees advice on the skills that companies look for when hiring, how to ask for a promotion, the benefits of an advanced degree, and more. Some of the takeaways that I walked away with were:

  • Philadelphia is a small town, so it is important to pick your battles wisely
  • It is smart to begin building your network within your profession, especially when things are going well for you
  • A career is a journey and sometimes the best learning experiences come in failure
  • It is important to be self aware and to know what you are good at and what you enjoy doing
  • The more training you get = the more value you add to yourself = the more valuable you are to your employer
  • “It’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude”
  • Do what you love; know what you’re good at; know where the jobs are

 Whether they were looking to move up in their company, move to a new company, or change professions altogether, each person who attended this professional development event was able to walk away with some great insight on moving their career forward.

 View photos from the event.