Submitted by: Dan Brown, Johnson, Kendall, and Johnson; and Chantelle Fitzgerald, American Heart Association

An energetic group of 25 YPN volunteers met at the Cradles to Crayons warehouse (The Giving Factory) on September 28 to help with the Fall season donations that Cradles to Crayons has been collecting. After a brief orientation with Brian Kindle, of Cradles, the group was split into two. One group spent the first hour putting together clothes packs, which consisted of a week’s worth of donated clothes for underprivileged children in the Philadelphia area. The other group spent their time packing up orders that would later be picked up and given directly to a child in need. These orders consisted of the clothes packs, a pair of shoes, toys, a bundle of books, and a schoolbag stocked with school essentials. About halfway through the program, the two groups switched activities.

“I really enjoyed walking around the warehouse and picking out toys, books, and clothes that I knew were going directly to a child who needed them. We could even see the first name and age of the child,” said one volunteer.

In the two hours the volunteers worked, 35 orders were packed and 60 clothing packs were bundled. Cradles to Crayons was very appreciative of the work done by YPN volunteers and encouraged everyone to come back during their open volunteer hours.

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