Name:Jessica Clough
Company: The Philadelphia Orchestra
Group and Sales Coordinator

Q: Tell me about your profession, including what you like best about your job and what your typical day looks like.

A: I work in the Marketing Department for The Philadelphia Orchestra as the Group and Corporate Sales Coordinator, and the best part about my job is that I am passionate about the organization that I work for. The Philadelphia Orchestra is one of the greatest cultural institutions not only in this region and country, but in the world. To work here promoting this music is an honor, and getting staff tickets to concerts is not a bad perk either!

During the summer months the Orchestra is away performing at their numerous summer residencies and tours, so it is a great time to work on developing new initiatives and planning promotions and events for next season, as well as wrapping up reports on the past season. Recently, I worked on our college ticket program to provide to donors, conducting market research to cultivate more of an audience in the young professional demographic, writing copy for direct marketing promotions and materials, and generating segment lists.

Q: Are you a Philadelphia native? In your own words, what makes Philadelphia a great city to work, play, and live?

A: I grew up in Bucks County so I’ve lived in the Philadelphia area my whole life. I love Philadelphia because it’s a bigger city with a ton of stuff to do, but it still has a neighborhood feel. The geographic location is also great because it’s right in the middle of the East Coast cities of New York and DC (and even Boston), and so close to the mountains and the shore. Within the city I like that there is such a variety of live music that is either based here or comes through the many venues that exist in the city. There is always something new to explore but you still have your staple places.

Q: What are your hobbies or outside interests?

A: Playing music (violin), traveling, and doing things outside like skiing, surfing, hiking, and rock climbing.

Q: How does YPN enrich your personal and professional life?

A: I joined YPN to meet other young professionals in the city and to take advantage of the different events. For me YPN has been great for networking personally and professionally. Recently a couple of my coworkers and I met with the YPN committee members at an informal happy hour just to talk about what they, as part of the young professional demographic, thought of the Orchestra and what they would look for out of an experience attending a concert. It was great to connect with people in that setting, and to get such good feedback that can be considered going forward.

Interview conducted by Lindsey Keck, Program Manager at the Office of Innovation & Technology, City of Philadelphia.