Submitted by: Joanna L. Cole, Director of Campus Selection, The Guinan Financial Group

The first thing that guests attending the Back on My Feet Bash this past Wednesday, November 2 noticed wasn’t the beautiful salon ballroom for the event, or the high fashion feel of the stages, but rather the 17 YPN members greeting them at the door. The smiling faces of our fellow members helped welcome the support and participants in celebrating one of Philly’s greatest charities.

For those unfamiliar with Back on My Feet (BoMF), it is an organization that seeks to empower the city’s homeless through running and physical fitness. This group started locally and now is praised nationally. The organization’s passion is to build our community, and YPN was there in force to support.

The Annual Bash is put on for both their volunteers and participants, who come from all walks of life and all levels of running. BoMF’s only goal is to give people the self-confidence and sense of achievement that comes through setting and achieving goals.

YPN was utilized to facilitate the evening so the group could enjoy all of their accomplishments. It might seem like a small part, but the gratitude expressed to me from these awesome people from many gushing emails makes me proud to be a YPNer.

To our members who came, thank you sincerely from the Volunteer Committee; you represented us well. To those who missed the event, my words aren’t nearly enough to describe the fun we had.

If you would like to learn more about or participate with BoMF, visit or look for them at the Philadelphia Marathon. They’ll be the group encouraging everyone as they run by you.

View photos from the event.