Name: Joseph Hartnett
Position: Managed Print Services Specialist
Company: Xerox

Q: Tell the YPN members about yourself.
A: I was born in Connecticut but my family moved to Rochester NY when I was 11. I have three younger brothers: Patrick (20) is a sophomore at West Virginia, Jack (14) and Timmy (11). I also have a very large extended family that I am very close with and that have had an enormous impact on who I am. I graduated from Villanova with a degree in Chemistry in 2009 and have lived in Philly since. Also it’s important to note that I am a huge fan of the New York Mets and Jets (I enjoy misery). I have been a YPN member since August of 2009.

Q:  How have you benefitted from YPN membership? 
A: I believe that I have grown a great deal both personally and professionally from YPN. Once I left school I really felt a need to become involved with another organization that allowed me to come in contact with different people with varying interests as well as open up opportunities that I would never have thought about. My trip to China last November with 12 of my fellow YPNers is a great example. I never would have been interested in something like that were it not for my involvement in an organization like this.

Q: Tell us about what you do at Xerox.
A: I am a Managed Print Services Specialist, which means I cover a number of direct reps for one of Xerox’s services offerings that involves providing service (both physical and networking) to an organization’s entire print fleet. The service allows Xerox to take over a huge amount of work that usually falls on IT departments. 

Q: What are your long term career goals? 
A: I never would have thought that sales and the business world would have been where I would wind up after graduating with a degree in Chemistry. Ultimately I’d like to have a job that allows me to interact with clients and people in a similar way that I do now, while using my science background.

Q:  Philadelphia is a very historical city. If you could sit down and have a conversation with three people in history who would they be and why? 
A: John Adams – I’ve always been really interested in the history of Revolution era America. Adams was someone that was an integral part of every significant event during this time and represented the interests of Americans in the most influential and visible roles of the time. He was also someone who I’ve always felt had a personality and interests that were very similar to my own.

Shoeless Joe Jackson, a baseball star in the early 1900s who was most famous for his involvement in the 1919 “black sox scandal,” for which he was banned from baseball after accepting a bribe to throw the World Series – I have always found Joe Jackson’s story to be of great interest to me because of the person he was, and my love for the history of baseball.

Thomas Edison – I’m a nerd and would love to get a firsthand look at how his brain operated. I’ve also always liked that he was from fairly close by.

Q: What has been the most life changing experience you have had?
A: I would say that the month and a half I spent hiking the Appalachian Trail is the one life experience I’ve had where I learned the most about myself and what I actually like to do. It solidified my love for the outdoors.

Q: What would you say to someone considering getting involved in YPN?
A: I would tell them that YPN is great as an organization because you really can get out of it whatever you are looking for in a group.