Submitted by: Maureen Pinchock, Internal Communications Manager, SAP America

The Young Professionals Network came together at the new American Revolution Center recently for an informative networking event.  The new historical center is in the heart of old city adding to the historical treasures residents and tourists can visit to learn more about our American history. 

Paul Levy, CEO of Center City District, guest speaker for the event, provided attendees with a historical background of the socio-economic evolution that is taking place in center city Philadelphia.  He shared interesting stories about the exciting growth that is lighting up the downtown district for the first time since 1990.  Educational institutions, murals, shopping and an explosion of restaurants have contributed to the uptick in downtown activity.  Levy indicated that young professionals were at the forefront of this transformation in Philadelphia.  

Attendees at the networking event also heard exciting information about the beautification project that has been started in Dilworth Plaza, the area around City Hall.  The renovations will include improved access to public transportation, a café and increased green space for public use.  The Dilworth Plaza transformation will connect north, south, east and west Philadelphia in a new way, creating an improved recreational space in the heart of the city.

Mr. Levy concluded his interview giving the young professional attendees career path advice that he felt guided him throughout his career. “Learn transferrable skills and be adaptable,” said Levy. 

Following Mr. Levy’s interview, the audience was introduced to The American Revolution Center. Margaret Pace Duckett, member of the Board of Directors, explained that this non-for-profit organization is dedicated to engaging the public in the history and enduring legacy of the American Revolution. Mrs. Duckett highlighted how across the globe those who struggle for freedom still invoke the powerful ideas of the American Revolution, and how far from being a remote episode in the distant past, the American Revolution is the most important event in the history of the modern world.

The American Revolution Center will soon start building the American Revolution Museum on the site where the event was held. The museum will showcase a distinguished collection of objects, artifacts and manuscripts, and is working to establish a living memorial to the American Revolution.

Participants left the event energized and excited about the new developments they can look forward to in center city as well as their careers in the region.

To learn more about the American Revolution Center you can visit its center city venue or, visit their website, or download an iPad application featuring a timeline of the historical period. For progress updates on Dilworth Plaza visit

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