Name: Matt Zeigler
Title: Marketing Communications – Business Development
Company: Innovative Print and Media Group

About Matt:

Matt Zeigler is a Marketing Communications professional that grew up in the suburbs of Harrisburg in Central Pennsylvania. He studied Graphic Design and Advertising while earning his Bachelors Degree at Kutztown University. He and his wife currently live in King of Prussia which is not far from the main office of Innovative Print and Media Group, where Matt has been in Business Development for over seven years.  

Q: Could you describe your company and what you’re working on now? 
A: Innovative is a nearly 30-year-old marketing communication management firm. We specialize in helping corporations analyze their printed communications to lower costs, streamline processes and/or improve environmental sustainability. Innovative utilizes a combination of industry-leading technology and customer service excellence to provide print, direct mail and event marketing programs to companies around the region.  Currently I am helping a national non-profit organization reallocate their marketing spending as they encounter deep government funding cuts.

Q: What’s the most interesting or best part of your job?
A:  The most interesting part of my job is the diversity of my day. Each day I am working with different personalities in different industries that need a variety of different services. One day I could be helping a non-profit deal with funding challenges and the next day I could be helping a pharmaceutical company support its national sales force. 

Q: What do you think living in the Philadelphia region offers young professionals?
A:  Philadelphia offers young professionals a great deal of opportunity to grow professionally and personally. The region has incredible universities, great local culture for art/music and delivers an opportunity for employment at some of the country’s leading corporations in a wide variety of industries. Philadelphia has made great strides in becoming a destination for great entertainment and dining in a very navigable city.     

Q: How long have you been a member of YPN?  What motivated you to join?
A:  I have been a YPN member for over five years now. I initially joined YPN to meet like-minded business professionals that I could network with for business. While that may seem a little stuffy, I had checked out a few other networking organizations before YPN but found them way too unprofessional.  I was looking to find an organization that has a balanced approach to philanthropy and the business community while still having good times.

Q: What has been your favorite YPN event?
A:  Any event that Chris Parker sings at!