Submitted by: Blair Hyde, DHS FEMA Region III

On Monday, April 23, members of YPN gathered at The Reserve for a networking event that featured Natalye Paquin, Chief Executive Officer for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Ms. Paquin spoke about the three core values of the Girl Scouts: courage, character and confidence, and how the core values apply to our everyday life.  Ms. Paquin also shared with the group the four characteristics she looks for in each employee or applicant: vision, talent, resources and creativity. She encouraged YPNers to seek leadership roles in volunteer organizations as a way to develop skills and expand one’s network. 

Of course the topic of Girl Scout cookies came up during the Q&A session.  Last year, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania generated $15 million in sales of Girl Scout cookies.  What’s your favorite type of Girl Scout cookie?   For me the choice is simple – Thin Mints.

In closing, Ms. Paquin asked for a show of hands of those who had been involved with the Girl Scouts at any level – at least 50% of the female members of the audience raised their hands, a clear indication that the Girl Scouts trains the future female leaders of America.  As a proud member of the Girl Scout alumnae (I started as Daisy Scout and ended my service as a Camp Director), I can attest to the lasting impact of the Girl Scouts.

Please share your favorite Girl Scout memories and how the Girl Scouts impacted your life!

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