Name: Anthony Kluth
Title: Technical Supervisor 
Company: DuPont Digital Printing

Q: Tell the YPN members about yourself.
A: I graduated from Drexel in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.  I went back to school and complete my Master’s degree in chemical engineering in 2010.  I have been a DuPont employee for 10 years.  I have been happily married for 3.5 years and our first child is on the way.

Q: How long have you been a YPN member?
A: I believe I have been a member for 3 years.

Q: How have you benefitted from YPN membership?
A: Besides the amazing people I have met and the friendships that have started, I have also learned the importance of networking.  Developing my networking skills has had a direct impact on my career development and growth.  

Q: Tell us about what you do at Dupont.
A: I am a technical manager in charge of multiple research and development programs.  My main role is to align my research teams with the needs of our customers in order to successfully develop new products.  

Q: What are your long term career goals?
A: My long term career goal is to continue to progress through the DuPont leadership.  

Q: Philadelphia is a very historical city…if you could sit down and have a conversation with three people in history who would they be and why?
A: Well my top three would be Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Leonardo da Vinci.  Basically I would love to sit down with these three great minds and discuss how much of an impact each has had on the advancement of our civilization.  I would also like to get their opinion on how our society has evolved.  

Q: What has been the most life changing experience you have had?
A: Well knowing that I was going to become a father.  Of course the answer to this question in June will be holding my baby girl!!

Q: What would you say to someone considering getting involved in YPN?
A: If you want to learn how network, to volunteer for good causes, and to build some long lasting friendships then YPN is for you.