Name: Ruben Reyes
Title: Principal – Technology & Usability, Founder
Company: Lyquix

Ruben is a founding partner at Lyquix, a marketing and technology firm based in Philadelphia. He is responsible for overseeing all the technical aspects of projects from evaluating and consulting the appropriate technology solutions for each campaign to managing development, implementation and support activities.

Ruben’s background is in engineering. He holds a BS in Electronic Engineering from Simón Bolívar University in Caracas, Venezuela.

For over 15 years, Ruben has worked in technology consulting, web & software development and mobile telecommunications. His diverse background enables him to bring a wide range of technology options to the table for clients in order to allow them to choose the solutions that are the right fit for their project.


Q: Could you tell YPN members about yourself?
A: Lyquix is a full-service marketing and technology agency. With marketing campaigns moving more and more online and the increasing importance of analytics for marketers, we saw an opportunity in combining our marketing and technology expertise. We focus on developing and executing measurable marketing programs that drive business momentum. Our solutions incorporate captivating visual design, high impact messaging and cutting edge technologies to engage audiences and provoke actions that drive business success.

Some of the projects we are currently working on include, an initiative of Comcast Project Open Voice that includes 6 video-centric sites devoted to local markets, ongoing development of and, the recent launch of, as well as print, email and social media campaigns.

Q: What do you like the most about your job?
A: I’d say that learning something new every day is what I love the most. The boundaries of our knowledge and expertise are pushed daily because we have to provide creative solutions to our client’s business goals and challenges; at the same time, we need to keep up with the continuous changes in technology, marketing trends, social media and design to stay ahead of our competitors.

Q: What do you think living in the Philadelphia region offers young professionals?
A: Philadelphia has a lot to offer to young professionals. There is an endless list of activities, bars, restaurants, museums and more. The city has a privileged location close to New York, Washington, and the beach. On top of that, Philadelphia is a city that is moving forward in several aspects, which opens many new personal and professional opportunities to young professionals.

Q: How long have you been a member of YPN?  What motivated you to join?
A: I have been a member for over four years. I first joined YPN for its networking opportunities and speakers. However, I quickly realized that there is a lot more to YPN: great venues, professional development, making new friends, and volunteering opportunities.

Q: What has been your favorite YPN event?
A: The networking event at the Hamilton Garden at the Kimmel Center in December of 2010. It was a wonderful venue, and the presentation by Ed Cambron, Executive Director of PIFA (Philadelphia International Festival of Arts) was very interesting and exciting.

Interviewed conducted by Matt Zeigler