Written by: Christina Wong, Production Manager, ESM Productions

On December 11th, I attended the YPN Professional Development event  “Maintaining Your Personal Health & Wellness.”

We heard from Dr. Robert Bulgarelli (Dr. Bob), Board Certified Cardiologist, and Jessica Procini, Certified Hollistic Health and Weight Loss Coach.

Dr. Bob was a great start to the program; it is always nice hearing the scientific and professional side of why certain habits are better or worse for your health. Dr. Bob focused on sleep patterns and the effects of mental health on your body. He said that young professionals are putting in much too long of a work day when they wake up at 6AM and do not go to bed at night until 11PM or midnight. He suggested making sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep per night, and to be sure to put aside some ‘me time’ every day.

Quick tips from Dr. Bob:
1. Meditate, in some shape or form, every day. He highly recommends Transcendental Meditation (TM), but something as common as yoga will do!
2. Do not take a general multivitamin daily. Get tested to see what specific vitamins your body needs. Everybody is different, and some vitamins will counteract others when mixed.  You can get tested at most doctors’ offices and medical centers.
3. Take fish oil daily. This supplement is very effective in lowering blood pressure and promoting heart health.

Closing the session was Jessica Procini. She gave a very energetic and personal talk, telling her story of being a young professional and her transformation from the corporate world to becoming a certified hollistic health and weight loss coach. She focuses on helping people lose weight by living a happy and healthy life and not stressing over calories or strict rules. Ms. Procini brought up a very important point, which I think applies directly to young professionals: a healthy life is not just about the food you consume, it is also about surrounding yourself with a healthy environment as well. That means staying away from toxic people and toxic situations!

Quick tips from Jessica:
1. Your Optimal Burn Time (OBT) is the time of day when your body metabolizes the most calories. This begins from the time you wake up, breaking your body’s fast, until approximately 2PM, when the sun begins to set. Eat a huge breakfast, a very filling lunch, and your dinner should be light. DO NOT push off lunch until 2PM. I can say I am guilty of doing this; it makes the second part of my day seem shorter! I am now much more conscious of the time of day I am having my meals.
2. Fat doesn’t make you fat.  Sugar makes you fat. This is a very nice reminder during the holiday season!
3. Coconut oil is the best type of fat/oil to cook and sauté with, even better than virgin olive oil. I just bought a jar this past weekend and I have two new recipes lined up for it!
4. Any exercise (or ‘movement’, as Jessica prefers to call it) is better than none. Do not use time as an excuse to skip exercise for the day. If you need to fit in five minutes of exercise between your meetings for the day, go for it!

Final thoughts on the entire program:
The best part of this program was the energy. Dr. Bob and Jessica had two different backgrounds in health, but both perspectives were so well presented. They had a great mix of scientific facts and laughs.  They were a great team when it came to the Q&A.  While they have two different backgrounds in health, they agreed on all major areas – when making choices about what you eat and your ingredients, stay as close to the source as possible (this method is commonly referred to as eating Paleo). Avoid anything processed when you can, especially processed lunch meat, filled with sodium, nitrates and other mystery chemicals. All attendees of the program seemed surprised by the amount of information received. With health magazines and webMD, we all think we have heard all of the rules and tips of getting healthy, but Dr. Bob and Jessica offered a wealth of knowledge and tips in everyday terms, specifically geared to the young professional audience.