Name: Ryan Helman
Title: Director of New Business, NE region
Company: kabookaboo

Interviewed by Julianne Reichert, Duane Morris LLP

Q. What brought you to Philadelphia?
A. I would be lying if I told you anything other than my wife wanted to be closer to her parents… That being said, I’m thrilled to have met so many amazing people, and I can truly say I call Philadelphia home.

Q. Tell us what you do and what aspects you enjoy most about your job.
A. I am the Director of New Business, NE region (Philadelphia & New York) for kabookaboo which is an award winning, Integrated Marketing Agency focused on combining digital, traditional and experiential marketing tactics. We create strategy-based campaigns that build brands, push market share and affect the bottom line. What I love most about my job is building relationships with my clients and listening to success stories.

Q. How did you hear about YPN, and what was the deciding factor in becoming a member?
A. After joining the Chamber, I was introduced to YPN. Being new to the area and in the younger professional demographics, YPN was a perfect match.

Q. Why is it important to stay involved with professional organizations? Are you involved with any others outside of YPN?
A. It’s important to share time with like-minded people. Professional organizations provide a platform for getting to know others in the community by sharing experiences and offering help. In addition to YPN, I am involved in the following organizations:

Philadelphia Red Cross Leadership Board
ADL – Anti-Defamation League
NY Interactive Advertising Club
Direct Marketing Association
Philadelphia Interactive Marketing Association
Philly Ad Club

Q. Do you have a professional mentor? If so, tell us how having one benefits you.
A. Ari Rollnick, principal of kabookaboo. His wealth of knowledge and perspective on business has helped me tremendously within my professional career. He continues to share business insights with me on a daily basis and encourages me to persevere.

Q. You’re still somewhat of a newbie to the city. What have been three of your favorite discoveries?
A. I’m a bit of a foodie, so my favorite discoveries have been some of the small quaint restaurants. Amada, Zama and Villa di Roma are my favorites.

Q. You’ve lived in a few other large cities. What does Philly have that they lack?
A. Nice people and community support. Having lived in New York, Miami and Las Vegas, Philly has been the one place where people have greeted me with open arms, willing to help out.

Q. YPN’s professional development committee is building a “PD bookshelf.” Are there any particular books you would recommend?
A. Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. It’s a non-fiction book about the story of success, which offers tremendous insights and motivation.