Name: Michelle Ross
Title: Senior Legal Analyst
Company: Exelon Corp


Q: Can you briefly describe what you do for your employer, Exelon Corp?
A: Exelon is a diversified energy company which, through its subsidiaries (including PECO Energy Company), generates, transmits, and distributes energy to its customers. I am a Senior Legal Analyst in Exelon Corporation’s Legal Department, specifically supporting the Philadelphia-based regulatory legal group.  I work closely with attorneys and internal clients to analyze and prepare legal memoranda, regulatory filings and administrative proceedings.  In addition, I conduct legal research, handle subpoena requests, assist with document production and file management.

Q: Name one thing you like best/least about your job?
A: Exelon is very passionate about diversity and community involvement. They encourage all employees to give back to the community through volunteering as well as offer a variety of internal networking groups that allow us to meet people throughout the company that we wouldn’t otherwise interact with during the course of a normal work day. I currently run PECO’s Young Professionals Group and lead a volunteer program that partners with 2nd graders to increase their reading skills. Both opportunities allow me to know that I’ve impacted others outside of my daily job duties.

Q: In your spare time, what do you like to do for fun?
A: I love to travel. So far, I’ve been to twelve countries and four continents. I also enjoy running and actively participate in local 5K’s as well as have participated in a number of other events which included the Philly Rock and Roll Half-Marathon, the Broad Street Run, and the Spartan Sprint.

Q: How did you first learn about YPN, and what was the deciding factor in becoming a member?
A: I first learned about YPN through several people at my company. Soon after I joined, I learned about the Chamber’s trip to Asia and signed up with a co-worker to go on the trip where I met many amazing YPN members. They shared with me their experiences with YPN and I decided to become more active in order to meet new people and for my personal career development.

Q: How has YPN affected you as a professional?
A: I am fairly new to YPN so have not yet been exposed to all they have to offer but I believe that my involvement will be very beneficial to helping me build my network of contacts. In my job, I do not interact with many external clients so YPN will allow me to network with professionals outside of the utility industry.

Q: Do you have a professional mentor? If so, tell us how having one benefits you.
A: I don’t have a formal professional mentor but I’ve had several people in my professional career who have helped me along the way. This has been a huge benefit and has allowed me to gain perspective from someone who may not be affected by emotions when making a difficult career decision, or who can be more realistic and put things into perspective that I might not otherwise have seen.