Name: Brima T. Idriss
Title: Financial Representative
Company: Western & Southern Life


Q: Can you tell me what you do at Western & Southern Life?
As a Financial Representative, I assist individuals with ways to protect, accumulate, and transfer their assets through different resources, to provide financial security for themselves and their family.  I also work with small businesses to either create or enhance their current benefits plan for their employees and implement succession planning with owners.

Q: What has been your most fulfilling moment living in the Philadelphia area?
My most fulfilling moment would probably involve enjoying a simple water ice and a soft pretzel; because apparently these two items are hard to find outside of the city.  So a soft pretzel and water ice trumps both the Phillies winning the World Series and the view of downtown Philadelphia from the 43rd floor of the Comcast Building.

Q: Congratulations on being recognized as the YPN Volunteer of the Year.  What is one thing you would say motivated you to make the most of volunteering this past year?
Thanks!  Catalina Morell, a neighborhood leader in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia, and also a client of mine, has probably been my greatest motivation.  Her work through community gardens, block cleanups, church events, and summer programs for the local children has and continues to make a positive impact on those in the community.  Catalina is a wonderful person to both know and interact with.

Q: What would you tell your “teenaged” self about your career path?
First, I would explain to my “teenaged” self that in 10 years you will lose your taste for cold cereal, which will probably blow his mind.  Secondly, I would let him know that you will be in the financial industry and every day get a chance to help and meet new people.  Plus your schedule will be pretty awesome.

Q: Who has influenced you (in your career path) and why?
There have been two people that I would say have influenced me greatly in my current career.  One is Dan Meyers, an Agency Manager out of San Diego, and the other is Julie Calhoun, my District Manager.  I only spoke to and saw Dan once, but I remember him being very knowledgeable.  He was also having great success in the financial service field. For his age; I think he was 24 or 25 years old at the time, which I thought was pretty cool.  Julie Calhoun has assisted me from the very beginning and is simply one of the best managers I have ever worked with.  She always has a positive attitude and a willingness to help others.

Q: What is one (fun) thing about you that your fellow YPNers would be surprised to learn?
The last two Halloweens I dressed up as Larry Fitzgerald, the Arizona Cardinals’ Pro Bowl Wide Receiver, and Han Solo, the Captain of the Millennium Falcon.  This year’s costume idea is still under review.