Name: Isabel Lowney Brouhard
Title: Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
Company: Kimmel Center


Q: Can you briefly describe what you do?
A: I provide administrative support to the President and the Executive Office, as well as act as the liaison to the Kimmel Center Board of Directors.

Q: What made you decide to go into this field/line of work?
A: I heard Anne Ewers speak at a YPN “Know the CEO” event and was inspired by her story. I went to school for Vocal Performance but was working in an unrelated field at the time I heard her speak. After getting the chance to hear of how she made a career for herself, I decided I wanted to return to a field that I am passionate about and work in the performing arts.

Q: Can you share one thing you like best about your job/career or your job/career field?
A: I love being a part of an organization that contributes so much to the flourishing of the arts and culture of Philadelphia.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give a young professional looking to transition into your line of work?
A: Always be diligent and never forget the big picture.

Q: How has YPN helped you in your career thus far?
A: Through YPN, I have met such a diverse group of people and have been able to gain insight from Philadelphia’s top leaders. Being a young professional and establishing a career may feel daunting at times but it is inspiring to hear how others have made a career for themselves.

Q: What has been your favorite YPN event? Why? What did you find valuable?
A: I thoroughly enjoyed the YPN Networking event at The Comcast Center. It was a wonderful venue and I enjoyed hearing Comcast Vice President David Cohen tell his story and say what he thought was important for Philadelphia and its young professionals.

Q: What are some of your hobbies/what do you do to wind-down after work?
A: I love to sing and I try to perform as often as possible.