Interviewed by: Jenny Mejia, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Philadelphia University

YPN Member Spotlight December 2015

Brad Watts

The Graham Company

Brad Watts always enjoyed math, which led him to an engineering path his first two years at Rowan University. “Interestingly enough, during the financial crisis of 2008, I developed a deeper interest in finance,” said Watts. He switched majors and upon graduation began a career in finance.

When Watts began his career, he was in an analytical position and progressed into sales and business development. In his current role as producer, Watts works on business development for The Graham Company (TGC), an insurance and employee benefits broker that partners with business owners in high-risk industries. TGC helps prevent losses, train high-risk employees, manage claims and tailor-fit insurance programs that will adapt to an organizations risks as their business evolves. Watts is responsible for the design and implementation of comprehensive, cost-effective insurance programs and risk management strategies for clients. TGC is a perfect match for Watts as it allowed him to combine analytical finance and business development into one hybrid role.

Watts is fortunate to be with a company that allows him to learn on a regular basis. When he began working with TGC, he had very little knowledge on insurance and risk management. Fortunately, TGC has an excellent training department. Watts mentioned he and his colleagues have many opportunities to advance. “That combined with being able to be analytical and work on business development gets me excited to come into the office every day,” he said.

Mentors have played a role in Watts’ life by guiding him in the right direction. Without his network or guidance from mentors, he would not be where he is today. YPN has allowed him to connect with young professionals in various industries and form many friendships. Watts is part of the YPN membership committee and also serves on the Young Leaders Council of the Urban Land Institute, an association that focuses on land development in Philadelphia. He also recommends the GF Network and the Financial Managers Society.

Watts enjoys spending time outdoors. He likes to try new BYOB restaurants in Philadelphia and exploring new attractions like Philly from the Top. He loves going to all sporting events and in warmer months, enjoys track days on his motorcycle with his dad and his club. He joked about binge watching shows on Netflix. Ask him what he is watching when you see him at the next YPN event.

We can all agree with Watts when he says that Philadelphia is one of the best cities for young professionals and it is easy to get involved in the community to help it grow and create more opportunities. He passes along the following advice he has received from mentors, “Leverage your networks because once you build relationships with both like-minded young professionals and seasoned veterans you’ll have a strong foundation with which to grow from.”