Interviewed by: Julianne Reichert, Marketing Specialist, Duane Morris LLP

YPN Member Spotlight April 2016

Matthew Schneck

Senior Consultant
Domain Consulting Group, Inc. | Domain Technology Group, Inc.

Tell us about your job.

I help companies take a deep dive into their internal and external processes and look for ways SAP’s ERP systems can help provide efficiency. I concentrate on opportunities to merge data between systems, integrate external systems to SAP, and reduce reliance on spreadsheet reporting.

How and why did you get involved with YPC?

I got involved with YPC through my current job at Domain Consulting, a member of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. After attending Chamber events, I decided to sit in on a YPC new member orientation. One of the orientation presenters urged me to get involved through a committee. I decided to take full advantage of my YPC membership, and joined the membership committee.

And how has that enhanced your experience with YPC?

Being part of the membership committee has allowed me to become more involved with YPC and make a difference. I enjoy brainstorming with my fellow members about ways we can attract new members and engage other organizations in the city to partner with. Plus I am a little biased but the membership committee has the coolest people.

Are there other organizations in which you’re involved? What are they, and why do you feel it’s important to be engaged with them?

I am involved in a B2B reference club called Tip Club, which meets the second Thursday of every month. I am also the VP of membership there. Tip Club is a great opportunity to make new connections every month and educate other people about the company I work for.

What advice do you have for college students?

I know this sounds cliché but follow your dream and always remember your future career path is not always a straight shot. I graduated from Widener University with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and now I sell and implement SAP ERP systems for manufacturers. Just because you start your career with X does not mean you cannot end up doing Y if you want it enough.

What are your favorite activities to do in Philadelphia?

Right now, my favorite things to do in Philly are: go to Phillies games, enjoy some of the city’s great restaurants, and shop at Reading Terminal.