Scott Mirkin

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Young Professionals Council. As we reflect on this incredible milestone, we asked former Chair Scott Mirkin, President & Executive Producer, ESM Productions how his career has evolved since his leadership position at YPC, what professional growth he has experienced along the way, and how he handed the torch to his former co-op Christina Wong, who now serves as current Chair.

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What was the primary reason you decided to participate in YPC (i.e. serve the community, leadership training, connect to other professionals)?

Before YPC even existed, I was involved in the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. I initially joined the Chamber to broaden my business development throughout the city of Philadelphia. The Chamber and myself wanted to provide a way for young professionals to network and connect in the business community, which led to YPC. Not only is YPC able to provide networking capabilities, but also professional development and volunteer opportunities to those in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

What leadership capabilities did you develop as the YPC board chair?

This was my first board position. I was 29 years old and eager to lead the young members that were apart of YPC. I learned a great deal about leadership from my time serving on the board. Leadership is about building consensus and working with everyone to achieve a common goal.

How has your other professional roles and duties changed since your YPC experience? How has YPC impacted your career?

Many of my networking and development skills have come from YPC and the Chamber itself. As you already know, YPC started 20 years ago and I have been able to apply these skills to better myself, and my company, ESM Productions. ESM Productions is now part of the most exciting artist-owned Entertainment Company, and I have the Chamber and YPC to thank for that.

Why is it important for YPC to continue to offer young professionals professional development and networking opportunities in the Philadelphia region?

Several ESM staff members participate in YPC and I love to see my colleagues benefit from the networking and professional development that is offered. 10 years ago we had a college co-op, Christina Wong, who started to get involved in YPC. She took advantage of all the professional development workshops and networking opportunities. Now, she serves as a Chair and Vice President of ESM Productions. YPC is not only helping individuals on a daily basis, but it is also contributing to bettering our community as whole.

What makes YPC unique among other young professional programs in the Philadelphia region?

YPC is a program of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, which is recognized as the best Chamber in the country. YPC is much more than a social group, it can advance your career and engage you within the community.

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About Scott Mirkin:
Scott Mirkin is one of America’s most successful event producers. He has produced some of the most high-profile events in the country for political icons such as Barack Obama, religious figures including the Dalai Lama, and titans of entertainment including Jay Z. In 1996, Scott established ESM Productions, a company specializing in the concept to completion approach to live events, design and new media production. In 2016, ESM is proud to become part of Jay Z’s Roc Nation, a world-class, full-service entertainment company that is home to a diverse roster of critically acclaimed recording artists, writers and producers. Scott has been part of time transcending events such as the 2008 National Governors’ Association Centennial, the 2013 Bell Ringing Ceremony to Commemorate the 1963 March on Washington, and the 2015 World Meeting of Families Papal Visit. Scott has produced numerous presidential events dating back to 1991 and President George H. W. Bush and continuing through with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Scott is a pioneer in large audience, high quality live streams, such as the Made In America Festival and Jay Z Live in Brooklyn, which became an iTunes EP.

Scott has deeply planted roots in Philadelphia civic community. Since 1998, he has been a member of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber ofCommerce Board of Directors, as well as its Executive Committee, where he serves as chair of the Member Services Committee. He is also a founder of The Chamber’s Young Professionals Council, which offers networking, professional development, and volunteer opportunities to ambitious young professionals. Scott is an active advocate for economic competitiveness in the Philadelphia region.