Interviewed by: Julianne Reichert, Marketing Manager, SolomonEdwards

YPN Member Spotlight June 2016

Dave Gloss

Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant & Filmmaker

When I first reached out to Dave Gloss a couple months ago to feature him for YPC’s Member Spotlight, he was the charismatic, ambitious and authentic leader and Co-Founder of Here’s My Chance (HMC), an award winning design and branding agency focused on building brands for non-profits and socially conscious companies. Understandably, he kept major news under wraps until we had the chance to chat. While Dave is still the epitome of those qualities, he transitioned out of Here’s My Chance at the beginning of May.

While Dave’s career began in the competitive and intense venture capital market, he later found himself desiring to make a meaningful impact on the world. That goal led to him co-founding HMC, with the personal mission of being separated by one to two degrees from social impact anywhere on earth. He focused on being mindful and intentional about the opportunities and relationships formed and decisions being made. Under his leadership, HMC facilitated countless programs and campaigns that built community around social impact initiatives.

Fast forward to the here and now. Dave received the Designing Leadership Award by the Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia, an award which honors leaders for their application of unique practices in the organization of people in the creative sector. Upon completing the Designing Leadership program, Dave quickly implemented the program’s principals into the expansion of Rough Cuts, a local community of filmmakers (which he co-founded) at various stages in their career.

One might wonder where this deep inner drive originates. It all goes back to his four years at Valley Forge Military Academy. As a high school senior, Dave served as company commander, essentially running an organization of 150 high school cadets. Having held other ranks from freshman through junior year, he learned from company commanders who came before him. He uncovered a missed opportunity to inspire his company to be the best in the corps and would share thoughts and suggestions that could make them better people. This daily speaking habit ignited the fire within Dave to excel as the powerful and engaging speaker that he is today. I’ve been fortunate to see him speak a couple of times, including once at a YPC Professional Development event. Whether it’s speaking to a large crowd or in a small networking setting, Dave reels you in, as his style is passionate, organized, dynamic and genuine.

As for career advice and book tips, Dave had plenty to share. Personally, his perspective resonated with me: “Understand your why, in regards to your career and the person you are. Align that reality with where you’re going.” When approaching a new opportunity, Dave advises young professionals to “be open to what the experience is. Offer and bring what you can create. Understand where the organization is at, and calibrate the two.” With limitless career avenues, one of the keys to achieving satisfaction and that feeling of success is to “find things that are personally rewarding.”

Dave offered two books as additions to YPC’s PD Book Shelf: The Dip:  A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick), by Seth Godin, and The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, by Charles Duhigg. The Dip talks about “the moment you quit something being equally important to starting or choosing something. The “dip” is the moment before monumental success. Knowing the warning signs helps to avoid years of wasted energy.” The Power of Habit discusses “the formation of habits, how to master the development of new habits and how to control the habits that don’t serve you.”

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