What do Facebook, Google, PwC, McKinsey, Accenture, Kleiner Perkins and AirBnB all share in common?

From VCs and “unicorn” startups to consulting firms, banks and hospitals, today’s top organizations all share something in common: creativity and design are built into the fabric of their business. Designer-Founders, Chief Design Officers, Design-Thinking and Artists-in-Residence are the new normal, and shaping a culture of innovation is the new imperative to attracting top talent, creating productive teams and managing change.

In a short article published by the Arts + Business Council’s Executive Director, Karin Copeland, she discusses the power of creativity, design, and art-thinking to challenge “business as usual” at work and in our communities.

This October, the Arts + Business Council is kicking off another exciting and impactful program year, beginning with CreativeXchange. Led by Philadelphia’s top creative minds and art-makers, this training that equips leaders and teams from top companies in the region with the creative skills to design better workplace performance and culture; whether you’re leading a team, or a young professional on the rise, this program will take you out of the world of analytical thinking and, through the creative process, begin to understand, tap into, and maximize your creative potential. 

CreativeXchange could almost be called a new kind of art school – open to everyone, where design thinkers, marketing experts, visual artists, theater directors and more, work with you and your team to increase your capacity for breakthrough ideas and help you remain proactive in shaping culture, engaging employees and producing goods and services your customers, clients and communities truly want.

After participating in last year’s program, Vincent Ferrara, National Director of Marketing at KPMG said, “I always look for opportunities that help improve my professional development and add value to my firm. CreativeXchange made me think differently of how I could manage the marketing organization at KPMG. In particular, sessions on Strategic Design Thinking and Building a Creative Organization really helped me think through the common issues we face through a creative lens. This work is important because a network of more creative leaders in the marketplace can help transform the business landscape.”

The CreativeXchange program series begins Friday, October 14. The deadline to submit and application is Monday, October 3. Learn more about the program. Young professionals discount available.