Guest Commentator: Julianne Reichert, Marketing Manager, SolomonEdwards and member of YPC’s Advisory Board

What employment opportunities for young professionals motivate you to continue to grow your personal and professional life in the Greater Philadelphia region?

My career has been a marathon, winding through the proverbial streets of Greater Philadelphia, just as I did during the 2016 Philadelphia Marathon. While training for a race, running mentors often say, “Run your race. You never know what the conditions will be on race day.” Like training for and running a marathon, some career moves take extra focus, diligence, hard work, innovative strategies, and resilience.

One of my career mentors and former colleagues once shared the following piece of wisdom: “Stay in your lane.” At the time, I didn’t fully grasp the concept. When facing a long-term career search, the road is sometimes littered with feelings of disappointment, failure, and confusion, especially when the easy route is not your choice.

In my quest for a more rewarding role that gave me opportunities to grow and run with the skills I developed through several years of contribution and leadership with the Chamber’s Young Professionals Council, I realized that I had all of the necessary resources at my disposal. By contributing early on and eventually joining the board and co-chairing a committee, I have added the following to my list of strengths: networking, public speaking, team leadership, program development, social media strategy, and negotiating. By interviewing and being rejected for countless roles, I discovered the type of company culture I was seeking and learned to distinguish the opportunity that would truly allow me to flourish.

As a Marketing Manager for SolomonEdwards, I have a manager who respects the value of my involvement with the Chamber and continues to support my professional development. He understood the importance of (and encouraged) an aggressive personal goal last year, training for and running my first marathon. “Pay it forward” is his motto, and I couldn’t agree more.

My life is so deeply ingrained in the Greater Philadelphia region that the desire to give back to the business and running communities which gave so much to me seems like second nature. Sure, it won’t always be easy. Sometimes, I’ll be challenged as was I upon “hitting the wall” on Kelly Drive during the marathon. As I looked forward to seeing my friends (including a couple YPC board members) on Main Street that fierce windy November race day, I know that I am outfitted with the tools to power through the walls I may hit throughout my life and career in Philadelphia.

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