Guest commentator: Josh Gibbons, Home Mortgage Consultant, Wells Fargo, @WellsFargo

As a North Carolina native who decided to relocate to Philadelphia, what are some important milestones of your professional journey?

Hello all and welcome to YPC! I am very excited about the upcoming chapter and year we are about to embark on. As Philadelphia continues to prosper, we are seeing a new transition with respect to our generational talent in this city. With more millennials and youth moving back here than ever before, it is amazing to see how this has impacted our business culture.

Companies, both large and small, have noticed these trends too, and have started delegating large amounts of infrastructure and resources towards development within this subset. Organizations like the Chamber are driving this home as well, by empowering divisions like our Young Professionals Council to enhance its platforms through new technology and partnerships within the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.

These changes to both the landscape and culture within Philly are a large reason why I moved here just three years ago. I was still in the mortgage industry in North Carolina, but I wanted a bigger city with a larger company. Having a lot of areas to choose from, I chose Philadelphia because I saw a lot of myself in the city and its people. There is a blue collar feel and a drive that always keeps Philly moving towards the future, which I admired. When I landed a mortgage role with Wells Fargo, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to get involved in the community and develop as a leader.

Josh welcoming YPC members to Success in the City on May 10, 2018.

Accomplishing this seemed like a daunting task at first – being brand new to the city – but through networking groups like the Chamber, I was able to develop my web of influence. In addition to learning the value of fostering relationships in real estate, I also learned that one must be aware of the different cycles. These cycles showed me how a well-developed plan will help you focus on the most effective activities and yield positive results.

The best way I have initiated my plan is through routines that allow me to be proactive, like starting very early each morning. I have found waking up early allows me to jumpstart my day. I will continue to trust my process and continue look forward to new challenges/lessons along the way.

I am so appreciative of all this city has offered me and I look forward to another career-defining year, both at work and within the Chamber. I will leave you with one last quote that holds true to all professionals:

Your success in life will often come down to the number of difficult conversations you are willing to have.”