Guest Commentator: Jaclyn McAdams Sosa, Program Manager, Finance Internship and Accounting Associates Programs, Comcast NBCUniversal @Comcast

What are you hoping to achieve in the next year as the new Board Chair of YPC? What initiatives are you most excited about in this role?

Happy New “Fiscal” Year, YPC!  Whether you are a new or returning member, we are excited to wish you a happy new start to your professional career.  There are no rules or deadlines to setting and achieving new goals (or ones that you’ve been putting off) for yourself so use this New Year start as a new beginning for yourself.  Why wait until January?!

As young professionals, we are one of the five total generations in the workplace today.  We are visionaries, innovators, entrepreneurs, game-changers, and so much more.  We bring our own strategy, new ideas, and fresh perspectives to the work we are doing every day.  To keep our endeavor juices flowing, it takes effort and engagement in ourselves. Personally, YPC has been the perfect place for me to do this.

As you think about the goals you want to achieve, the atmosphere where you have the freedom to learn is an important factor to being successful.  YPC provides a space to grow without feeling judged; an environment where you can take risks to conquer your fears, all while making friends to last a lifetime.

Jaclyn with other members of the 2018-2019 YPC Advisory Board at August’s Board retreat.

As our YPC leadership team prepared for a new year with The Chamber, we have reflected on the success of past YPC leaders and visionaries and set a goal to answer the question of a personal development plan within the Greater Philadelphia region utilizing everything the Chamber already has to offer.  From involvement as a mentee and mentor with the Pay It Forward program, contributing to a the Education & Talent Action Team, and volunteering through various channels are just a few ideas that come to mind.

As I reflect personally on my time with YPC, I think about being introduced to The Chamber as a fresh graduate in a role with corporate philanthropy.  I would have never imagined myself becoming involved with the Professional Development Committee, because I wanted to push myself to take a step outside of my comfort zone, would have led me to a career path of talent development.  This is one of the many ways this organization, organically and traditionally, can make impact on you and I look forward to all of the lessons I will experience over the course of this next year.