YPC Volunteer Fair

The Young Professionals Council Volunteer Committee hosted its third Annual Volunteer Fair on September 13, 2018, at the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.  This year we featured 19 nonprofit organizations looking to expand their volunteer base and young professional boards. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to connect and network with young professionals in the area, while learning about a variety of different volunteer organizations. The fair featured several different types of volunteer opportunities including skilled-based volunteering, advisory board opportunities, young professional groups and fundraising.

From start to finish, the space was filled with both vendors and local young professionals looking to network, connect, and find opportunities to help the Greater Philadelphia community. Monica Allen, Marketing Manager, Villanova School of Business, and Vice Chair of the YPC Advisory Board, opened up the program and provided an overview of the fair, volunteerism, and let everyone know about the raffle prize. Following her introduction, members were encouraged to meet, mingle, and connect with fellow YPC members and our nonprofits.

The goal of our committee was to make sure everyone had an opportunity to network and learn about the different types of volunteer opportunities available within the community. After ensuring everyone had the chance to meet with all of the organizations, we concluded the program with remarks from the Volunteer Committee Co-Chair Ian Perler, Sales Manager and Sales Agent, Star Real Estate Group. Ian spoke about the many volunteer organizations in the room, upcoming volunteer events that are being hosted this year at YPC, and conducted the Raffle for tickets to a Phillies Game.

Special thanks to our sponsors and all of the nonprofit exhibitors that attended.  If you were unable to attend but would like more information about volunteering, please contact our co-chairs, Brad Watts at [email protected] or Ian Perler at [email protected].

Ian Perler, Sales Manager and Sales Agent, Star Real Estate Group and Co-Chair of YPC’s Volunteer Committee

YPC Networking at DuJour Cafe

Host it, and they will come. On September 27, 2018, young professionals from all over Greater Philadelphia transitioned from their afternoon coffees at the office to after-work drinks at DuJour Café. The restaurant came alive with new connections, old friends, and my personal favorite—those new connections that are quickly becoming old friends.

Like most YPs, I was hustling from the office, still finishing a work call all the way until entering the lobby. After checking in with the Chamber crew, I headed over to the bar for my first glass of wine and scouted the food options (thanks, DuJour!). Conversations were already buzzing. I quickly saw a couple familiar faces and stopped to catch up. That’s when I met my first YPC first-timer of the night—Vaibhav Mishra.

Vaibhav moved from India for college, and after graduating from Temple University, he landed a great job at SAP. He knew he needed to network with like minded professionals to advance his career, so like most people in 2018 with a problem… he googled it. Wouldn’t you know it—YPC was the answer.

I caught up with some other friends, went back for that pivotal second glass of wine (it had been a long week…), recommended committees to a couple people asking, and then encountered my favorite story of the night. After hearing about YPC, Ben Sternberg attended a new member orientation to learn more. That’s where he met YPC board member (and top-notch networker) Andrew Still. Ben mentioned to Andrew that he was looking for a job in finance. In true networking fashion, Andrew introduced him to someone at his firm, Eisner Amper, and the next thing he knew, he had a job offer. Boom! That’s the power of YPC.

Within the couple short hours at DuJour, I chatted about Amazon HQ2 and unions with one of the City of Philadelphia’s HR professionals, talked about upcoming big events with a sales manager from LiveNation, and even met a former ballet dancer turned financial adviser. I met people in accounting, technology, retail, real estate, hospitality, and consulting.

That’s what I love about YPC—it’s a great representation of Philadelphia’s young professional community: diverse, driven, and big enough to matter but small enough that you matter. Hope you can join us for the next event. You never know who you might meet.

Ben Bowman, Chief Strategy Officer, Velocity Advisory Group and member of YPC’s Professional Development Committee

YPC Meet the C-Suite with Wil Reynolds

Wil Reynolds, founder and director of digital strategy at Seer Interactive, talked about sending e-mails to his employees on flight deals during the Young Professional Council’s (YPC) “Meet the C-Suite” event on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. He truly cares that they go on vacation. He also cares about their career development. His employees trust his words so much that they openly seek advice from him and/or his executives about external offers from competitors or clients. And it’s not just his employees’ career he cares about, but also the career development of their significant others. As a result, Seer Interactive provides the same amount of days for maternity and paternity leave when traditionally paternity leave is shorter. Wil believes that this will enable both partners in the relationship to have an equal chance to resume their career development after having a child.

It was no surprise that there was a long line of YPC members lining up to talk with him. His message resonates with the millennial workforce. He talks the talk and walks the walk. His actions back up his words. And when he talks, his words are not filled with corporate buzzwords. His words are plain and clear, engaging, and entertaining.

Ever since the event, I was thinking about what sums up Wil Reynold’s philosophy. It finally came to me when I read about a quotation from Southwest founder, Herb Kelleher, on my Southwest flight to Nashville: “The business of business is People.” To me, that’s what Wil is all about.

–Peter Chan, Application Software Lead, Vanguard and Co-Chair of YPC’s Professional Development Committee

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