Guest commentator: Colin Redd, Advisor, SVN | Concordis Group @SVNConcordis and Member of YPC’s Advisory Board and Volunteer Committee

How has your role in YPC helped you grow as a leader? As a new Board Member, what opportunities have you found to be the most beneficial?

Young Professionals Council has a been a wonderful opportunity all around. Both being a part of the Volunteer Committee and serving as a member of the Board has given me a platform to develop and enhance invaluable skills, build a strong and diverse network, and give back to others. When I first joined YPC I didn’t think much of it; I felt as though it was going to be just another networking group. Little did I know my involvement would mean much more than that. The members are engaging; we work together to find solutions to problems both within the organization as well as within our everyday lives. The platform encourages us to be the best we can be. All of the members within the organization laterally influence each other to work hard and take ourselves and others to the next level.

As a Board Member I have learned some new skills and sharpened many others. I have learned how to collaborate with others who may be culturally different and have also had the opportunity to meet genuine and influential people. In addition to acquiring and honing specific skills, I have become more sensitive to the needs of others and have developed strategies for giving back. As a group, we are working to help the people around us to foster the best relationships and grow their businesses. Similarly, in this space, I have been able to develop relationships that are meaningful for my own career advancement. Being a commercial real estate advisor, one of my main objectives is to foster relationships in order to build other business opportunities. Here at the Chamber of Commerce, I have found a  familiar space in which executives and young professionals are able to collaborate. Each and every person I have met within the Chamber has been a valuable connection, not in the sense of a monetary worth, but more so the sense of mental growth. Between business partners, mentors and friends, I would recommend Young Professionals Council to everyone.