Exploring Organizational Dynamics: The Impact of Workplace Behavioral Styles with Dan Silvert

On Wednesday, December 12, 2018, members of YPC were fortunate to receive a crash course in organizational psychology and workplace behavioral styles from Daniel Silvert, President of Velocity Advisory Group.  Dan is a professional speaker, executive coach, consultant, and author having co-authored ‘Taking Flight! Master the DISC Styles to Transform Your Career, Your Relationships…Your Life’, which has been published in 9 languages.

Dan’s discussion was based around how the utilization and proper understanding of a widely popular behavioral assessment tool, the ‘DISC profile’, can help leaders and members of an organization maximize the effectiveness of their relationships and foster an environment ripe for collaboration and teamwork.  The DISC profile breaks behavioral styles into 4 categorical quadrants; dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness.  The leadership team at Velocity has put their own proprietary spin on the DISC profile to use birds to represent each style. The eagle represents dominance, parrot for influence, dove for steadiness, and owl for conscientiousness.  Dan challenged the room of about 50 or so young professionals to choose which style they feel they most strongly identify with and sit alongside all others who chose the same style.  The session was interactive and engaging, as Dan pointed out the specific qualities and traits that signified each style.

Dan mentioned that although everyone has a primary style, many individuals can present strong indicators for two or even three styles.  Ideally, an individual who exercises self-awareness about their style will in turn become adept at recognizing the style of others, which will enhance his/her relationships and therefore the productivity and emotional well-being of the entire group or organization.  Dan was also adamant that in order to maximize potential, an individual must learn to “flex” to each style when warranted, because we all must learn how to adapt to our environments and circumstances of the present moment.  At the end of the day, the end-goal for this process of self-introspection and exploration, as Dan put it, is happiness in the workplace.  The strongest indicator for happiness in the personal and professional lives of individuals is the quality of one’s relationships, and when we understand our behavior and the behavior of others, we are able to interact in a more effortless and fluid way. Productivity increases, mutually beneficial outcomes ensue, and we all share in the collective fruits of our labor.

–Joe Biancaniello, Associate, JP Morgan Chase & Co. @jpmorgan and Member of YPC’s Professional Development Committee 

YPC Volunteer with the Bethesda Project

The Young Professionals Council Volunteer Committee hosted its annual holiday volunteer event on December 13, 2018, at the Bethesda Project: Our Brothers’ Place. This year volunteers began the evening by cleaning tables and chairs in the dining room then clearing the space to make room for cots. Once the space was cleared, volunteers put together and placed cots for sleeping. Volunteers then made holiday crafts that were used to decorate the entrance of the shelter to help uplift everyone who enters, while others sorted through holiday coat donations. It was a great opportunity for YPC members to network with each other while working together to get the shelter ready for the holiday season.

–Ashley Myers, Manager, Prospect Researcher and Development Writer, American Association for Cancer Research, @AACR and Member of YPC’s Volunteer Committee

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