Guest commentator: Andrew Still, Forensics Accounting Manager, Financial Advisory Services, EisnerAmper, LLP, and Co-Chair, YPC Advisory Board @realAndrewStill @EisnerAmper 

What was your path to getting more involved in the Young Professionals Council? What advice would you give to others interested in doing the same?

I’m often asked, “Hey Andrew, how did you, and how can I get more involved with YPC?”

Admittedly, part of me wants to respond with a corny sarcastic joke, like “…you get more involved”; however, I have developed a boring, generic response and it sounds something like this…

“Well, a few years ago my boss suggested it, so I went to an event,  then decided to join a committee, which you should definitely do, then you attend their events, meet the co-chairs, yada yada … and then if you think you are ready, you apply for a board seat.”

Let’s be real, after the first few minutes of my first YPC event, I knew that I wanted to get involved in a committee. In fact, at that event, I told the person standing next to me that we would be on the board one day. About a year later, both of us were on the board.

Over the years, from being Co-Chair of the Events Committee and now Vice Chair of the Advisory Board, I’ve realized that in my mind there is a specific route that you need to take in order to “get more involved” in the traditional sense of YPC. However, my fellow board members have challenged that notion, arguing that the cookie cutter approach to YPC involvement may not be applicable to everyone, and I agree.

You deserve more than the status quo.

So, I’ve had writers block for the past 30 minutes and then New Radicals “Get What You Give” just came on shuffle and it dawned on me that this song is an edgy, 90’s rock interpretation of Newton’s Third Law. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. A universal truth that is persistent in our lives, careers, hobbies, relationships, and factually… everything. If you put energy into something, no matter what it is, something will happen. If you put no effort, you should not expect any reciprocation. In fact, if you just float aimlessly, you are powerless and essentially allowing outside forces control your trajectory.

With that realization, we are shifting how we think about incremental involvement in YPC. We are determined to continually evolving as an organization that fosters ambition in the next generation of Philadelphia leaders. By focusing on connecting our communities and implementing creative ideas that will allow us all to grow together, we are expanding our potential responses to the question: “How can I get more involved in YPC?”

I hope that you are interested in learning about how to get more involved with YPC. If so, please feel free to reach out to me, or any of my fellow board members. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas!

Some of the things we are excited about are:

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