Get to know a regional CEO making an impact in Greater Philadelphia.

Meet: Trevor Prichett, CEO, Yards Brewing Company @yardsbrew

Trevor Prichett is the CEO of Yards Brewing Company and a Board member of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. As a coalition partner of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s PHL Neighborhood Growth Project, Yards Brewing Company is committed to advocate for an inclusive, pro-growth agenda for the City of Philadelphia. Get to know Trevor as he shares insight into how the next generation of business leaders can help secure a better future for all Philadelphians.

At Yards Brewing Company, we believe in the simple things: work hard every day, have fun, and give back. That’s why for the last 25 years, we have been dedicated to making Philadelphia a safe, fun, and inclusive place to live and work.

Recently, we had a choice to make: grow in Philadelphia or move Yards into a new city that would support our business with additional tax incentives that would immediately, and significantly, impact our bottom line. It was a choice between our financial interests and the community we call home.

But we chose to stay right in Philadelphia – because we know this community has our backs and we have theirs.

This October 28th marks 25 years from the day Yards was born in a garage-sized brewery in Manayunk. Over the years, Yards grew, moving to Roxborough, to Kensington, to Northern Liberties, and finally to our newest home at 500 Spring Garden Street. All the while, Yards has stayed loyal to Philly, because Philly has stayed loyal to Yards. That’s why when we decided to release our first lager this fall, we called it Loyal Lager and we brewed it for Philadelphia. Loyal Lager is brewed in Philly, for Philly, by people from Philly. That’s something we call “Philly Loyal.”

Because we are Philly Loyal, we are working with leaders from across the city – government, business, and community leaders – as part of the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project to develop an inclusive, pro-growth agenda that will help Philadelphia-born businesses like ours grow and thrive. This initiative, which builds on the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s Roadmap for Growth initiative focuses broadly on what our city should do to ensure that every group, every neighborhood, and every person has an opportunity to be part of and help build a strong community.

While the business community isn’t always portrayed in the best light in Philadelphia, we know firsthand that many of those businesses are owned and managed by your friends and neighbors, started after years of saving, and dependent on support from our city’s leaders. The cost of doing business in Philadelphia is high, but these business owners are Philly Loyal. They want to be a part of creating growth and progress in every neighborhood. They want to build a modern and well-trained workforce. They want to help put Philadelphians back to work in high-quality jobs.

Too many Philadelphians and too many Philadelphia neighborhoods are in real need of quality jobs and it’s our collective responsibility to be a part of an honest conversation about how to change this dynamic with policies that promote inclusive neighborhood growth.

This fall, I encourage you to show you’re Philly Loyal. Join together with fellow Philadelphians, possibly over a Loyal Lager, and be part of the honest conversation. You are the next generation of business leaders in this city and you owe it to Philadelphia. Please join us in making the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project the success we need it to be to secure a better future for all Philadelphians.