YPC Meet the C-Suite with Marc Coleman, Founder, President, and CEO, The Tactile Group

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Interview Insights:

  1. Goal Setting: Set a bunch of small goals for yourself that funnel into your large goals. Small goals help you make progress on a daily basis while the large goals provide you with direction.
  2. Values & Mission: Say and repeat your mission. When you make your vision clear to everyone around you, it forces you to be accountable to it.
  3. Reading/Book Recommendations:
    1. Harvard Business Review
    2. Predictable Success by Les McKeown
    3. Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug
  4. Career Changes: Marc thinks his career pivots have been very organic. He loved being a DJ it taught him about scheduling and relations. When he transitioned to starting his own bed & breakfast after being fired, he learned a ton about accounting, QuickBooks, and manual labor. When he saw the decline of print and the rise of the web, he taught himself design skills and started The Tactile Group.
  5. Most Valuable Trait: Persistence.
  6. Life Work Balance: Marc makes it a point to use the term “Life Work Balance” as opposed to “Work Life Balance.” He believes that life should come first. He implements an unlimited sick day policy at his office.
  7. Philanthropy: The Chamber’s PHL Neighborhood Growth Project, which advocates for the following:
    1. Inclusive Growth & Good Jobs
    2. Education & Workforce Modernization
    3. Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods
    4. Putting People First at City Hall
  8. Culture: Marc believes in putting culture on a pedestal at his company. It comes through in The Tactile Group’s interview process where every employee that will work with the new hire directly gets to interview them. The mission is also stated every morning in their team meeting. He clearly values culture over pure talent.
  9. Mentorship: Marc thinks mentors are very important. Having someone that has “been through it” is invaluable. He believes leadership skills are universal and your mentor does not have to be directly in your industry or line of work.
  10. Advice to his past self: Find something that will survive a recession and start or join a company whose culture you believe in.
  11. Company Goals: To double in five years and for him to exit within 10 years. Marc is passionate about having the company continue with its mission after he is gone.

Taylor Venanzi, Owner & Financial Planner, Activate Wealth

YPC Networking at Goose Island Brewhouse

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Young Professionals Council and young professionals from throughout the region convened on Tuesday, November 12, to network at Goose Island Brewhouse, a Chicago-based brewpub that opened its doors in Fishtown, Philadelphia, in March 2018. Throughout the night, attendees expanded their networks by exchanging business cards and connecting with new contacts. The evening served as a prime opportunity to develop new personal and professional relationships.

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YPC Volunteer Event at Bethesda Project
Wednesday, December 18 | Bethesda Project: Our Brother’s Place

Volunteers will be helping to make holiday craft decorations, sorting through holiday donations, and organizing some of the community spaces in the shelter.