[Virtual] Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Building Confidence: Advice for Young Professionals

Zoey Toy, Account Executive, Alta Management Services, a member of our Advisory Board

On February 25, Chamber member Erica Wexler, President of Erica Wexler Transforms, delivered an empowering program for the Young Professionals Council. Erica shared strategies for young professionals to help them overcome imposter syndrome and build confidence.

Her first strategy is to choose your mindset and to envision yourself as a more confident person. If you form a new habit of thinking of yourself as confident, eventually this new mindset will become your default. As Amy Cuddy puts it, “Fake it until you become it.” Everyone, no matter where they are in their careers can experience self-doubt and be nervous or uncomfortable. Those feelings mean that you are working to stretch yourself, which is a good thing.

Another important tip is to start your day by setting an active intention, grounding yourself, and rising to a position of power. Starting the day by planting both feet on the floor and ‘power posing’ helps engage your mind and body from the moment you wake up.

In addition to setting your body on the right course, Erica stressed the importance of using powerful phrases and mantras such as: ‘The world is missing what I am ready to give,’ ‘I choose to be courageous over comfortable,’ or ‘I have the resources needed to accomplish what I am being challenged to do.’

For those who still may doubt themselves, Erica suggests asking a supervisor, mentor, or colleague to tell you what they respect and admire about you. Seeing yourself through another’s eyes may help you to believe your own value. It’s also important to surround yourself with those people who believe in you and who use their power to help lift you up. You can then pay it forward and be that person for someone else.

Erica talked about the importance of self-assessing your strengths every 3-6 months. What strengths help you to be a successful leader? How do you purposefully leverage those at work? Do other people know about your strengths? Who else should know about your skills? If you picture a leader that you admire, what strengths does that person exemplify and how can you develop those strengths in yourself.

At the end of the program, attendees broke out into smaller groups to discuss with peers what commitments they will make to themselves to be more confident.

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