[Virtual] Mobilizing Our Region’s Young Leaders: A Conversation with Chamber Board Chair Susan Jacobson

Jessica McPherrin Sheridan, Chief Operating Officer of Delta Phi Epsilon International Headquarters and YPC Advisory Board Vice Chair

On March 22, 2021, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview Susan Jacobson, President of Jacobson Strategic Communications and Chair of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s Board of Directors. This conversation was an insider’s look into what the Chamber is doing to boost Greater Philadelphia’s business economy following a pandemic-stricken year.

Susan shared her priorities for her Board Chair term: Recharge and Recover PHL. This effort, which includes over 150 leaders in the region coming together to create action to help the business community, includes the following three major initiatives:

  • Philadelphia Skills Forward is connecting 5,000 individuals who lost their jobs due to the pandemic with education and training to reskill them for job opportunities. Many CEOs are supporting this initiative, including Accenture, PECO, and more.
  • The Greater Philadelphia Financial Services Leadership Coalition includes 24 banks who have come together to provide support and resources for Black and brown businesses and individuals with financial matters.
  • Ready. Set. Philly! is an effort to bring people back to Center City and revitalize the shopping, dining, and entertainment district. Over 120 businesses are supporting this initiative.

As a young professional looking forward to our city getting “back to normal,” these initiatives are exciting! While they will take time and much effort, I am certain that Susan’s leadership will help the City of Philadelphia bounce back to the thriving and vibrant community that we all love.

Young professionals are encouraged to get involved with these initiatives. This is your opportunity to work side-by-side with top leaders in our region and make change within the city. If you are interested in getting involved with the Recharge and Recover PHL initiatives, please contact Tom Levy at [email protected] for more information.

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