Finding opportunities to learn new skills and build competencies from home is a crucial aspect of staying on top of professional and career development while our work lives continue virtually. While in-person trainings, workshops, and conferences are still accessible online, supplementing some of those opportunities with your own resources, like a regular career podcast or book, can help in your efforts to set goals, stay motivated, and learn new strategies. 

Members of our Advisory Board and our Professional Development Committee offer up the books and podcasts they’ve been reading and listening to for professional development at home.

Monica Allen
Gaining strategies to ensure that a work team will be greater than the sum of its parts is pivotal right now.

My biggest takeaway

“No one is an island at any company or organization. Employees will be part of teams with colleagues from different cultural and functional backgrounds.”

Former YPC Advisory Board Chair
Monica Allen, Villanova School of Business     

The demonstrations this year have challenged me to educate myself and become anti-racist.

My biggest takeaway

“Uncomfortable conversations are the only way we can create a more equitable society.”

YPC Professional Development Committee
Kate Flint, Turner Construction     

Quite literally one of the best books on establishing and sticking to habits. A productivity bible!

My biggest takeaway

“Every choice you make today is a vote for who you want to be in the future.”

YPC Advisory Board Member
Basil Jackson, Baker Tilly     

Big fan of his other books and podcast Revisionist History.

My biggest takeaway

“We’re not as good as we think we are at reading people.”

YPC Professional Development Committee
Stephanie Owens, Turner Construction     

Ian Perler
He has a great daily show on his site called Darren Daily.

My biggest takeaway

“Really good for any business person to help with growth.”

YPC Advisory Board Member
Ian Perler, KW Philly     

Zoey Toy
It's important to know how our government functions and be able to think critically about it.

My biggest takeaway

“[The Supreme Court’s] influence and power has grown over time to the point where their decisions are the final say in what laws govern our country. We should all know more about why this is and understand the ramifications.”

YPC Advisory Board Member
Zoey Toy, Alta Management Services     

Shawnna Williams
I relate to her culture shock and awkward experiences in a suburban school after moving from West Philly.

My biggest takeaway

“The importance of self-reflection, representation, and giving back.”

YPC Advisory Board Member
Shawnna Williams, Morgan Lewis Bockius LLP     

Honorable Mentions

That Was Awkward: 7 Secrets of an Awkward Networker by Sean W. Hand
Sean Hand is a professional speaker and network instructor. He is the creator of The Awkward Networker podcast and website and former Chair of the YPC Advisory Board. Networking is a learned and practiced skill, and Hand’s book is a useful resource for those looking to work on their networking skills and feel more prepared at social gatherings.

Dare to Lead Podcast by Brené Brown
Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead features conversations with change-catalysts, culture-shifters, and more than a few troublemakers, who are innovating, creating, and daring to lead.

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