YPC Networking On-the-Go: A Walking Tour with Mural Arts Philadelphia

— Paige Flynn, Senior Management Consultant, CGI

On October 27, 2021, YPC members gathered at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) to embark on the Mural Mile Center City Walking Tour led by Mural Arts Philadelphia.

The group gathered and conversed outside of PAFA to meet new members and engage in networking activities. The larger group was then split into smaller subsets and where we met fellow members on a more personal level, while also taking advantage of interacting closely with our tour guides.

The tours were historical, informative, and fun for the groups as YPC members found an opportunity to connect with one another and play tourists in our own city.

Following the event, the larger group reconnected to continue engagement and YPC networking. Overall, the event was insightful, informative, and most of all fun!

More about the Center City Mile:

“Experience firsthand how art ignites change. Explore the world’s largest outdoor art gallery and get to know Philadelphia’s stunning mural collection on a guided tour. Weave through neighborhood streets on foot and get inspired by the incredible public art that makes Philadelphia the Mural Capital of the World. Professionally-trained guides offer a behind-the-scenes look and share the in-depth stories about the people and communities that inspired and shaped each Mural Arts Philadelphia project. Visitors also learn about the mural-making processes and how the work of the organization has evolved over its nearly 40-year history.

Get to know Mural Arts Philadelphia’s world-renowned collection on foot along the Mural Mile. Explore culturally-rich and bold Center City, getting up close and personal with murals that tell the intimate and inspiring stories of our city, its leaders, citizens, and amazing public art. The Mural Mile highlights art tucked in out-of-the-way corners to soaring additions to the cityscape, like the breath-taking Untitled by Amy Sherald and Water Gives Life, by Philadelphia artists Euhri Jones and David McShane.”

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