YPC is more than just a network, it’s an experience. We connect ambitious, visionary young people with a strong, diverse community of peers, mentors, and regional business and civic leaders. Through consistent programming, leadership, and service opportunities, our members ultimately become more experienced, community-oriented, and connected.

We boast nearly 2,000 young leaders working in diverse industries and environments throughout Greater Philadelphia.

Who You’re Joining


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What You’re Getting

  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS to learn and refine skills critical to leadership
  • COMMITTEE LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES to forge friendships with peers that further your career
  • VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES to empower regional nonprofits and organizations
  • EXCLUSIVE YPC DISCOUNTS TO CHAMBER PROGRAMS to engage with regional business and civic leaders
  • OPPORTUNITIES TO NETWORK in a virtual setting

Build a strong, diverse network of peers — nearly 2,000 young professionals in Greater Philadelphia.

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When employers invest in young talent, it pays off. Find out how YPC creates the leaders of tomorrow.